The Most Popular Scroll Saw Projects That Sell

The Most Popular Scroll Saw Projects That Sell

I know that many people are interested in selling their scroll saw projects.  The big issue here is, that not all people are willing to buy what you make.  So, that opens up the topic of discussion on scroll saw projects that sell.

Scroll Saw projects that sell pretty well are typically creative signs, letters or words in different fonts, animal puzzles, and picture patterns.  To some lesser degree wooden bowls and jewelry boxes seem to carry some interest to buyers.

You are in luck, as I am interested in finding out the answer to this question.  Selling your work can be quite rewarding, the proceeds can even fuel the hobby.  But, we tend to get a little worried that people will not want to buy our projects (At least I do).

I decided I would go out to the internet with this topic in mind so I could figure out what scroll saw projects seem to be selling.  I plan to look into big selling arenas such as Ebay, Etsy, and Amazon.  I also want to research what scroll saw projects people are searching for on a google search.  So let me get into my findings here.


Scroll Saw Signs

For some reason, this particular scroll saw project was by far the most popular scroll saw project that sells.  Anytime I looked for scroll saw projects for sale I ran into; Family name signs, Wedding signs, General sayings type signs, and even name signs.

On Amazon, it seemed that signs were the most purchased scroll saw project out there.  As I looked at some of the signs though, many were more of a wood etching type of work.  It appears one could do a bit of Intarsia style wood art and create some of the same things I saw there.

There were also plenty of scroll saw style signs on there as well.  Anything from giant last names in intricate cursive to very square looking plaques.

Setting up a business selling scroll saw signs seems like it could have some monetary rewards.  However, it would require a little bit more interaction with your customer as they may want some sort of specific details you will have to scroll after they request it.

If you go along the lines of selling scroll saw projects that have common sayings, you will likely need to do some research on which sayings are the most popular.  Maybe even research the style in which the sayings are written.

Short word sayings appear to be fairly popular and may be an area of interest for some scroll saw hobbyists.  I can’t count how many times I see signs with some of these sayings in someones home.


Scroll Saw Words

Much like the scroll saw signs, this one was quite a popular selling scroll saw project.  Rather than in a sign type format, these scroll saw projects were just the word itself scrolled out and ready to hang or sit somewhere.Love

Again, there is likely some research involved in finding out which words will sell the best.  I think I saw “Love”, “Hope”, and “Family” just to name a few.  The words of course are all in a nice unique style of font.  So the actual font may be important as well for what is popular. (Note: The image “Love” is one I did for my wife for valentines day)

Along these same lines, there were some single letters scrolled out and were posted for sale.  I saw a few of these on a very large scale of maybe 2′ by 2′ in size.  The letters are done in a very intricate cursive and actually really look nice.  I can see why people would purchase them.

I would think that doing this type of scroll saw work for sale would be a bit easier as you could avoid any personal text people might want to request in the scroll saw signs I mentioned earlier.

This area might be a bit competitive and prices are a bit cheaper.  When I scrolled out the word ‘Love’, I gave it to my wife without stains or paint.  She did the painting on it.  It was a first run for me and I think it took about an hour to scroll it out and do some touch ups.


Wooden Puzzle Animals

I did a visit over to Etsy to search around there and I found that animal puzzles, the ones with the animal name spelled out in the puzzle, were very popular.  I found that there were not just animals but other wooden puzzles like “Guitar” or “Jeep” that were also very popular.

The price that some of these get sold at are very cheep.  I can only image that the sellers profit margin would be quite slim.  The only way to really make some money on this is to have plenty of practice and do several at the same time to cut back on time spent.

In fact, I think one of the sellers on Etsy that had these animal puzzles for sale, the wood was kind of thin.  I could see this seller stacking up 2 boards and making the cuts to double their productivity.

By far this particular scroll saw project of puzzles was very vast in how many different things you could do.  I saw so many different puzzles I have no idea where you would want to start.

If you could find a good niche and be unique, I think it could be done.  Puzzles appear to be a great scroll saw project that sells.


Patterns on Oak Wood

You would think that with all the cool patterns out there portraits of these patterns would be popular.  Some do have some popularity as I have discovered, but these scrolled out patterns do not seem to carry the selling capability as signs, letters and puzzles.Indian

By far, the best looking scrolled out patterns were done on oak.  Oak is just a very nice looking wood and it cuts very nicely.  I saw some very nice work on Etsy in this category and some of the work was being sold for hundreds of dollars. (Note: The image of the Indian is one I did for my Father in Law)

Popular patterns seemed to fall into categories such as; states in the US, American type displays with solders, eagles, different military branches, religion, cowboys, American Indians, and to my surprise were some portraits of people in movies and TV shows.  I was surprised to see Yoda, John Wayne, and the Andy Griffith Show!

I think this particular area is where many scroll saw hobbyists will have some fun.  I know I have my most fun when I am scrolling out a portrait pattern.   Since the work is more detailed and will take more time, your price will have to come up on your work.

With the many patterns available out there, I think one could try out any pattern, set their price, and see if it sells.  Though I think you may want to stick to more popular areas of interest.

If you take 4 hours to cut out a nice mid level difficulty pattern in an area people are interested in and sell it for $150.  You are definitely making a nice hourly wage for your work even if takes some time to sell.

The American Indian pattern I did for my father in law took 4 to 6 hours.  This pattern was my fist pattern on oak and I made it a wall mount of which I did a nice route edge on it.  If I were to try and sell this scroll saw project, I can only guess that I may only be able to ask around $40.  At 4 to 6 hours of work plus materials cost, I think I would have only made around $5 to $7.50 an hour.


Wooden Bowls

I have never created a wooden bowl…  yet.  Wood bowls are searched on quite often in a google search test I did.  I found it to be somewhat popular on Etsy though I don’t think it carries as much weight as some of the other scroll saw projects.

The scroll saw bowls are some of the neatest work I have seen.  Some of those bowls can get very detailed.

The price they ask for on one of these bowls is very cheap.  And again, I wonder how they make any sort of profit selling these things.  It really feels like they just sell it to fuel a few purchasable items in their workshops and nothing more.  I am almost thinking that they sell the pattern for the bowls, along with selling some actual made bowls, to make an overall profit.

The wood for these bowls can vary and in some cases are a mix of different wood combined.  I think that many of the bowls do not carry a stain or a finish and the purchaser is supposed to take care of that.


Jewelry Boxes

Jewelry boxes are a fairly popular search on google, especially if you search for “girls” jewelry boxes.  However, I have found that there are few boxes that look like they have some scroll saw work on them (until I went to Etsy that is).   Most appear to be simple wood working projects.

Jumping over to Etsy provided some nice looking scroll saw projects for “scroll saw boxes” but they did not seem as popular as some of the other scroll saw projects on there.

Some of the boxes carry a good price on them and if you are able to crank out a couple of these in a few hours you might actually make a little bit of money.

With the popularity of girls jewelry boxes you might be able to put something very unique into the mix.   On the other hand you might have a bit of competition with boxes being sold that are easier to make.

I think this particular scroll saw project would need a bit more investigation to determine if you would like to pursue selling it, but it could be promising.


Overview of Selling Scroll Saw Projects

If you love using your scroll saw and creating some nice scroll saw projects, I hope I have helped you determine some areas of focus if you are interested in turning some profit on your hobby.

Some of the popular scroll saw projects that sell I have listed above may not be up ones ally as I see it.  I am not sure I could scroll out “Love” many times and not loose some interest in it.

Some other items such as the puzzles are very popular and I think would be very fun to scroll out.  I think one could find their niche and get something going in a way of selling their scroll saw projects.

I’m sure that there are many other scroll saw projects out there that can sell and maybe sell really well.  I cannot get to them all but I hope my poking around the internet and giving you some help in that area has been fruitful.

If you are looking to start selling your scroll saw projects you might be wondering how you plan to price them correctly and actually be competitive.  I have written an article, Scroll Saw for Profit: Pricing Your Scroll Saw Projects.  Which can help you figure out how to price those projects you intend to sell.

Thanks for reading, and happy scrolling.