Scroll Saw Stand: Should I Buy or Build my Own

Scroll Saw Stand: Should I Buy or Build my Own

You have your scroll saw or at least you know the one you wish to purchase.  Your thoughts are likely turning to “where do I plan to put this scroll saw and start working on my scroll saw projects”.   A scroll saw stand is a good place to put your scroll saw but should you purchase it or build your own?  After all, you might just be a woodworker right?  So building one is definitely and option.

When I bought my scroll saw I knew I did not really have a table to attach it to and I knew I needed a scroll saw stand.  The question in fact did cross my mind…  “Should I buy or Build my own scroll saw stand?”  I thought I would write an article on some of the thoughts I had at the time, list some of the stands I looked at, and what I had to consider if I were to build my own scroll saw stand.


What Scroll Saw Stand Could I Buy

I purchased the Dewalt scroll saw and I found that Dewat had a stand I could purchase that would fit my scroll saw.  

As I read on about Dewalt Scroll Saw stand, it was perfect for the Dewalt scroll saw.  However, I read that they do not recommend using any other scroll saw with this particular stand.  Something about those other scroll saws are not factory tested for this particular scroll saw stand.

So it looks like this stand has really only one option here, which is to hold up the Dewalt scroll saw.  If you were to think about attaching a different scroll saw to this stand, it sounds like Dewalt wants to make sure we know it might not be recommended.

The stand does have the option of adjustment.  The angle can be increased to angle the scroll saw toward the scroll saw user.  Which would be helpful in keeping you from leaning over the top of your scroll saw project too much.

The next option I ran into was a nice looking tool stand.  It was not necessarily designed for a scroll saw though.   The stand basically looks similar to the scroll saw stand but I don’t think that you can adjust it to create an angle.

These stands are on four legs and seem to have a greater angle on those legs than I see with the made for scroll saw stand the Dewalt had.  I ran into a few options here.

POWERTEC UT1002 Universal Tool Stand

Shop Fox D2056 Tool Table

Expandable Tool Table For Bench Tools (HTC HTT-31)

The good thing about these particular stands is that they are indeed universal.  They do not require that you only use the stand with a scroll saw.  I think many of us can think of other uses for stands like these.

Unfortunately, there were not a lot of other options out there.  If you have a table to put your scroll saw on then you might be in good shape.  If not, then you may have to settle on purchasing something universal.

If you are lucky to already have a table or something to put your scroll saw on, you may still need to think about some adjustments.  Maybe you would like your scroll saw tilted toward you.  You may even have to think about a new chair as the table you have may need the perfect chair for you to do your scroll saw projects.


Should I Build my own Scroll Saw Stand

I could simply answer that question with a yes…  If you want to spend the time and effort to do so.  The time it takes to build a scroll saw stand may be the time you don’t want to take because you just want to start scrolling.

As I thought about how I was going to go about building a scroll saw stand I had several questions sitting in my mind:

  • To build your stand you need to think about a design.  How tall do you need the stand to be?  How wide do you need the stand to be?
  • Do you want an angle for your stand, nicely angling the scroll saw toward you to your comfort.
  • Do you need a chair or stool to go with it?  I found some really nice ones on Amazon.
  • Do you plan to build and attach a chair to the stand.  Kind of a catch all stand with seating arrangement.  How about some extras, like attached drawers or shelves that can hold items and such.

These are the things in which I considered when I was thinking about the possibility of building my own scroll saw stand.

I also found that there are a few scroll saw stand designs and templates out there.   I watch this wood working fellow named Steve Charmichael.  He has a great stand he created for his Dewalt scroll saw.  He is selling his plans for that particular scroll saw stand design for pretty cheap.  You can visit his etsy page here.

There are a few other stands out there I have seen when I did a google search.  Some look pretty bad, others look like they could be fairly useful.  You may be able to glimpse an image or two out there and get some ideas to create your own.


Well, in the end of all this thinking if I wanted to buy a scroll saw stand or just build my own, I finally settled on just buying the Dewalt scroll saw stand (as you can likely see in some of my images).  I think I fell into that category of wanting to just start scrolling as soon as possible.

I do not regret buying the scroll saw stand at all.  It did take some assembly, of which I found was not too difficult.  In the end I like the sturdiness of it and the ability to give me a slight angle.

I by no means want to discourage anyone from building their own scroll saw stand.  In all reality I really wanted to do so myself.  I’ve seen some very neat looking stands people have built.  But hey, my motivations seemed to be pushing me in the directions of purchasing one instead.  Thanks for reading.