Scroll Saw Uses – 6 Popular Things a Scroll Saw can make

Scroll Saw Uses – 6 Popular Things a Scroll Saw can make

When people hear about the scroll saw tool, there are plenty of intricate detailed wood working projects one can make.  So many I don’t think I could ever cover all of them as scroll saw uses seem far and wide.

Some of the best and popular scroll saw uses are; portrait images, ornaments, holiday decorations, intarsia projects, signs and words, toys and puzzles, and functional wood items such as jewelry boxes, bird houses, candle holders, and clocks.

Let me get into some detail about 6 of these popular scroll saw uses that many scroll saw users will get into while doing scroll saw work as a hobby.


The Portrait Image

The image of something is likely the thing that many people think of when it comes to scroll saw uses for the scroll saw.  There are so many patterns of images out there that I cannot even imagine someone coming up with a new idea someone has not done before.

Like paintings, these scrolled out images are often something you would hang on a wall or even set on a shelf or table.14f75-frogpattern

The difficulty for each of these portrait images can range from simple to very detailed and complicated.   Those complicated images are some of the coolest things I have laid my eyes on in some instances.  The level of detail one can get is often amazing.  The basic or simple images are pretty neat as well and I can’t help but think many scroll saw hobbyists work those more often.

I have seen some of these more complicated portraits go for hundreds of dollars.  It would appear that there are some various types of portraits that seem to have more favor than others.  Native Americans, animals, and anything patriotic just to name a few, seem to be very prominent selling portraits.

A good book to get to help you get started in creation of portraits can be found here at Amazon: Wildlife Portraits in Wood: 30 Patterns to Capture the Beauty of Nature


Ornaments and Holiday Decorations

Anytime a holiday rolls around you may have noted that decorations seem to come out as well.  I cannot count how many wood working type decorations I have seen not only in my home, but in others homes as well.

It would almost appear that the biggest holidays for scroll saw projects are Christmas and Halloween.  Christmas being the biggest holiday of all for that matter.

Cut outs of snowmen, reindeer, snowflakes, candy canes, and so much more for Christmas that I can imaging so many scroll saws going broke from so much scrolling around the world.

Halloween has its cats, ghouls, bats, ghosts, jack-o-lanterns, witches, and more.  These typically range in easier scrolling, but at times can get a little difficult as well.  Halloween scroll saw projects seem to be larger than what I have seen of Christmas scroll saw projects.  Likely due to Christmas scroll saw decorations be more inside, than outside for Halloween.

Ornaments are huge for scroll sawing.  I have looked in scroll sawing magazines, online websites, and seen it on peoples trees.  There are countless ways to scroll out an ornament for your Christmas tree.  Some of the more difficult but very interesting ornaments are the 3D ones that are delicately created and look like they require some patience to create.  A great starter book to help you create your Christmas scroll saw ornaments can be found here at Amazon: Scroll Saw Christmas Ornaments: More Than 200 Patterns

If you are into selling your scroll saw projects and want to start some sort of business, I would think that these two holidays would need to be a target.  You may have some competition but it appears to very popular.



When I first saw intarsia wood working I was utterly amazed.  I could not believe the way people could put wood together and create such beautiful works of art.20181007_194318

This particular area of scroll sawing does not seem to be as popular as doing portrait types of scrolling.  I feel it may have something to do with selling of intarsia scroll saw projects as compared to regular scrolled out portraits.

With intarsia, the cost will likely be more when creating the projects.  Time would be a big factor as well depending on how detailed of work is being done.  With that, I think the price of these projects would be considerably more and not as many sales of these types of projects are done.  The flow of money in a particular area seems to heighten its popularity even in hobbies.

But it is not all about selling your scroll saw project.  There are plenty of books and instruction out there to help one get on their way with Intarsia scroll saw projects as a hobby.  One particular book is this beginner book on Amazon Intarsia Woodworking for Beginners.

Finding a good beginner book in this field of scroll sawing may be a big benefit to anyone new to it.  And if it becomes a very fun hobby for you, then it can be a very good benefit to your friends and family, as you give away your projects as gifts.



Signs and Words

Probably the most popular scroll saw projects out there are signs and words.  Anywhere I look in the area of scroll saw projects, there are signs and words.

These signs and words are often found in peoples homes inside and outside.  Family names, marriage dates, and common sayings.  Words such as love, family, faith, think, believe, hope, and friendship are seen very often.Love

These types of scroll saw projects are not too difficult to scroll out.  That in a sense may be why they are so popular.  And for that matter, for sale.

This is another area where I think selling your scroll saw work has become very popular.  Low cost and the ease of making most of these scroll saw signs and words, do seem to drive the popularity of them.  I suppose they are also a trendy thing for ones home, and trendy things do sell.

If you do plan to get into the business of signs and words, you will have some fierce completion by my thoughts.  I can’t also help but feel I would get a little bored of just doing these types of scroll saw projects.  It would end up turning more business then a fun hobby.

For all that it is worth though, if you like giving out your scroll saw work to your friends and family, these types of projects would be easy and great gift ideas.

Toys and Puzzles

Wooden toys and puzzles are a popular item indeed.  I would say that puzzles even top the list over toys from what I have seen out there.   Of course the puzzle is kind of the toy as it stands.

If you can think of it, then you can make a puzzle out of it.  One of the more popular puzzle types out there is to create a scrolled out puzzle animal, item, or something, and put the word of that item into the puzzle.

3D puzzle animals, cars, trains, and even brain teaser puzzle puzzles are fairly abundant.  From my observation, many of these 3D type puzzles do not look easy to make.  And I would even venture to say that you will need some additional skills outside of scroll sawing to create some of these very cool toys.

The cost on some of these items can be quite insane.  There are a couple of puzzle brain teaser items I took a look at that look moderate in difficulty to make, but are over a hundred dollars to buy.

If you get into this area of scroll saw creation, you definitely will have a good gift idea for friends and family.  A good book I have found on Amazon to get you started can be found here: Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw, Now 50 Projects in Wood


Functional Wood Items

With wood working you tend to make things that are useful or functional in use.  Scroll saw projects tend to be more of an art then making something functional.  But, not always.

  • Bird Houses – There are plenty of these out there in difficulty.  Some are your typical shaped bird house all the way to some very intricate scrolled out works of art.  Some of my favorites are the bird houses with faces on them.
  • Bowls – Bowls are decorative and also functional.  There are many different designs of bows out there, most of them not extremely difficult in scrolling.  I’ve seen bowls that can be used for eating and drinking and bowls that are just for decoration.
  • Candle Holders –  These are very popular and seem fairly easy to make until you do a search for them in Google.  Some of the detail and design on these things are amazing.  There are candle holders that are cut out in 3D as well.  Very nice and I think I will end up creating some sort of candle holders as a gift for someone eventually.
  • Boxes – Many types of boxes here.  Some boxes can be scrolled out with the scroll saw, but many seem to just be cut out in square shapes without much detail.
  • Clocks – I have seen some of the most intricate scroll work on some hand made scrolled out clocks.  I can only image that some of these clocks could take hours to create.

Scroll saw projects can be done with functionality in mind.  The popularity of these projects are very common and I do have a bit more of a open mind to a scroll saw creating things more functional.



Scroll saw uses are many.  I went into detail for some of the more popular projects such as ornaments, holiday decorations, intarsia projects, signs and words, toys and puzzles, and functional wood items such as jewelry boxes, bird houses, candle holders, and clocks with this article.

If you are getting pretty good at your scroll saw and have been looking what is popular when it comes to scroll saw projects, I might venture to say you might be interested in selling scroll saw projects.  I have written an article, The Most Popular Scroll Saw Projects That Sell, which I do a little research to find the most popular scroll saw projects that are selling.

Thanks for reading, and happy scrolling.